How to Pop Your Toes

While many people have the habit of popping or cracking the knuckles on their hands, your toes also have knuckles that can be popped too 1. Popping your toes is easy and happens much the same as how you pop the knuckles in your fingers. If you’ve never popped your toes, but enjoy the release and feeling of popping your hand knuckles, then try out a few pops of your toes; you might find a new habit to enjoy.

Curl the toes of your left foot inward slightly. You want your foot to be curved a little to go along with the curled up toes, but don’t curl tightly, or so much that your foot muscles feel strained.

Place the bottom part of the palm of your right hand against the ball of your left foot. Place the fingers of your right hand over the tops of your toes on your left foot and press down pulling toes down and in slightly.

Repeat steps one and two with your right foot and left hand accordingly. If you feel any toes didn’t pop, press down on them and push them inward individually with your fingers.


Sometimes your big toe will not pop this way, but you can easily pop it by flexing your feet and curling it in as you do.

You can also pop your toes by standing and placing the tops of the toes on one foot onto the ground. Slightly lean down, so that toes push inward until you hear a pop. Do not put all of your weight on this foot and do not push down too hard, or to the point where you feel pain.