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How to Pop Whiteheads

There are several types of acne from which you may suffer. One of the most noticeable forms of acne is the whitehead. Whiteheads are clogged pores that are filled with dead skin cells, pus and bacteria. When you see these types of pimples grow, your first inclination may be to pop them. If possible, see a professional; but if you decide to do it at home, take care to be safe and clean.

Clean your face and hands with soap and warm water. This will sterilize your skin and get it ready to be treated.

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Pass the tip of a needle over an open flame from a lighter. This will sterilize the needle and get it ready to enter your skin. Wipe the needle down with a cotton ball doused in rubbing alcohol.

Wipe the whitehead and the surrounding skin with rubbing alcohol from another cotton ball to clear away any excess bacteria.

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Place the needle parallel to your skin next to the whitehead. Press the tip of the needle through the whitehead; if possible, poke it through to the other side to open up the whitehead fully. Remove the needle.

Press down on the whitehead and the area around it with even pressure until clear liquid or a bit of blood is released to clear out the skin. Clean the area with one more cotton ball doused with rubbing alcohol.

Apply a layer of acne spot treatment to the area 2. This will provide a layer of protection for your skin as the whitehead heals.


If nothing come out of your pimple when popped, it wasn't ready. Blot the pimple with a tissue and wait a day or two before trying again.


Don't try to pop a pimple in this way if it doesn't have a whitehead. Doing so may aggravate the pimple.