How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

The sexual act can be extremely pleasurable, so it is no wonder people try to make it last as long as possible. Many men worry that they achieve orgasm too soon during intercourse for the partner to be satisfied. While there are medications aimed at helping men delay ejaculations, many desire to learn natural methods for increasing staying power.

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Concentrate on the quality of lovemaking 2. Spend more time on foreplay and in being intimate with your partner following sex. Sexual intercourse plays a major role in sexual expression but it does not have to be the entire act.

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Practice the stop-start method while having intercourse. When you feel yourself on the brink of ejaculation, stop and wait until the feeling has subsided before you resume thrusting. Practicing this technique regularly will help you to last for longer amounts of time.

Squeeze below the head of your penis to delay ejaculation naturally. You will be forcing the blood from the penis and thereby making it possible to suppress orgasm for the moment.

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Learn about your various levels of excitability to help control orgasm. When you masturbate or have sex with a partner, reflect on each stage of arousal, from initial excitement to the plateau (leveling off period) to orgasm. Picture each stage as an ascending number from one to ten. Attempt to go no higher than seven while attempting to delay orgasm.

Distract yourself when you find yourself coming too close to climax. It may seem cliché, but thinking about such non-sexual things as doing your taxes can lengthen the amount of time you perform in the sack.

Invest in a targeted workout to help increase your sexual endurance. The famous Kegel exercise in which you repeatedly tighten the muscles involved in ejaculation is particularly helpful. One way to practice is to stop and start your stream of urine when using the toilet.

Concentrate on your partner’s orgasm first. Rather than worrying about when you climax, focus all your initial efforts on getting her there first. For example, press your penis into the area of her clitoris and penetrate only a couple of inches into her vagina (where the nerve endings are the greatest) with quick thrusts to increase her pleasure and propensity to orgasm.

Let your partner be on top during sex. With her in this position your penis is less stimulated and you will be able to last longer naturally than in other positions.


Prepare for a second time when possible, as most men last longer after having made love earlier.