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How to Increase the Production of Semen

Increasing the production of semen is important to many men for a variety of reasons. Men who wish to achieve a pregnancy with their partner want their sperm counts to be as high as possible to aid fertility. Higher quantities of semen can lead to more pleasurable orgasms, as they require more muscle contractions to release the semen. Also, some men equate their virility to high sperm counts and large amounts of ejaculate.

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Abstain from sex for a few days. Do not abstain for longer than a day or two, though, as this will not further help to build semen levels. Exercise the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle to help the pelvic region maintain optimum health. Locate the PC muscle by stopping the flow of urine midstream, to feel which muscle performed that action. Strengthen the PC muscle by internally clenching the muscle then releasing it. These exercises may help improve the strength of orgasm and of the erection.

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Wear boxer-style underwear rather than briefs. Boxer shorts allow air to circulate around the testes and keep them at an acceptable temperature. Briefs, with their tighter fit around the testes, may raise the temperature of the testes and damage their ability to produce semen. Also, drink adequate fluids to maintain your body temperature.

Exercise regularly and stay active throughout the day. Regular exercise improves overall health, and good health may increase semen production as well 1. Eat a healthy diet. High cholesterol levels may impair blood flow to the genital region, thus impacting overall fertility and sexuality. Do not sit in one place for too long, especially in a hot environment. Moving around allows air to flow around your body and pelvic region.

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Enjoy nudity at home. Clothing may bind the pelvic region and harm semen production. Also, limit stress and practice meditation or other activities that help the body to relax.

Avoid sports injuries. Injuries to the testes may impact sperm production 1. Choose a wide seat for bike riding. Narrow bike seats may damage the testes via ongoing pressure. A narrow bike seat may also cause an overheated environment that may affect semen production.


Do not wear tight clothing that may raise the temperature in the pelvic region. Avoid excessively hot environments, such as a sauna.


Avoid possibly harmful supplements that claim to quickly increase semen production.