How to Improve Eye Circulation

Good blood circulation in the eyes is vital to maintain adequate eye health 1. Healthy circulation can be improved and maintained by using eye exercises and massage, maintaining a healthy diet and taking certain medications or supplements if necessary 1. If you think you are suffering from poor circulation to the eyes, you should consult your family practitioner or an ophthalmologist.

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Eye Nutrition

According to Steady Health, healthy eye circulation means that your eyes are getting the nutrients and oxygen that they need and your risk of eye diseases such as glaucoma are significantly reduced 1. Adequate nutrition of the eyes is also important to prevent damage from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. According to Wendy McBee and colleagues, oxidative stress in the eyes can lead to a higher risk of age-related macular degeneration. All About Vision recommends regular intake of vitamins C, A and E, which is found in fruits and vegetables, as well as flax seed, lutein, which is found in spinach and egg yolks, and fish oils to maintain a healthy level of eye nutrition 4.


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According to a study in the May 2006 issue of Archives of Ophthalmology, statins may help to improve circulation in the eyes 2. Statins are often prescribed to people suffering from high cholesterol. They help the function of the eye by increasing blood flow and reducing intraocular pressure, thus lessening the risk of glaucoma. If you think statins may help your eye circulation, talk to your doctor 12.

Eye Exercises

Eye exercises are helpful to improve blood circulation to the eyes and also to strengthen eye muscles and maintain healthy vision 125. Spend 10 to 15 minutes each day performing eye exercises such as the following. Moving only your eyes, look up as far as possible, then down as far as possible and then to each side. Repeat this four times. Simple exercises like this will leave your eyes feeling fresh and reduce the risk of eye diseases. Massaging gently around your eyes and over you closed eye lids can also improve blood circulation 1. Do not press on your eyes.