How to Hydrate the Scalp

Hydrating the scalp can save you from potentially embarrassing and uncomfortable conditions related to a dry scalp, such as dandruff, eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. You can add moisture to the scalp with products from your local drugstore and salon or try natural recipes and remedies, such as oatmeal and oils 13. Hydration also comes from the inside out, so be sure to drink plenty of water to keep the body and the scalp properly hydrated.

Use a hot oil treatment. There are several hot oil treatments available from your local drugstore that can be used to give your scalp a deep infusion of moisture in addition to hydrating and healing damaged hair. Massage into your scalp, wrap your hair in a towel and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse out with lukewarm water and shampoo.

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Find serums especially made to treat dry scalp. Available at drugstores or salons, these treatments have ingredients such as natural oils and chemicals formulated to promote scalp health, restore moisture and even absorb grease. Many are pre-shampoo serums, made to be applied before shampooing.

Try a sesame oil treatment. Start with 1/4 cup in a bowl, adding more if you run out. Any sesame oil will do, although organic is preferable. Wet the hair and massage the oil into the scalp using your fingers. Massaging the scalp increases the blood flow the scalp and helps to slough away dead, dry skin cells. Sesame oil hydrates the scalp. Allow the oil to sit on the scalp for at least 5 minutes or leave on overnight for maximum moisturizing.

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Massage olive oil into the scalp of wet or dry hair to gain the same benefits as sesame oil. Olive oil has been used for centuries as a scalp hydrator and also is believed to improve the health of the hair. Cover the hair with olive oil concentrating on the roots to give your strands a hydration boost as well.

Mix 4 tablespoons of oatmeal with 2 tablespoons of your favorite conditioner to create a hydrating paste for the scalp. Shampoo the hair first with your usual shampoo and rinse the shampoo out completely. Massage and scrub the oatmeal and conditioner mixture evenly on the scalp using the fingertips. Rinse the oatmeal mixture out of the hair completely.


Add a few drops of tea tree or lavender essential oils to the hair massage oil or oatmeal scrub if you have a dry, flaky scalp.


Do not use essential oils on broken, irritated skin.