How to Grow Chest Hair Faster

For many men, chest hair grows naturally and is seen as a sign of manliness. For others, chest hair can grow sporadically in location and excruciatingly slow in spurts. There are a wide variety of ways you can promote faster and healthier chest hair growth. Some of these ways are proven through scientific studies, whereas others are strongly believed by some and dismissed as old wives tales by others. Following through with every viable method will give your chest hair the best possible chance to grow at a speedy rate.

Lower your stress level. A 2002 study conducted at Humboldt University in Berlin by Dr. Petra Clara Arck and seven other scientists found that increased stress levels inhibited hair growth by promoting premature Catagen development 1. Survey your current stress level, and be honest with yourself about how much stress is laid on your shoulders on a day-to-day basis. Take up some yoga classes, or exercise daily to help reduce stress and get out any pent-up energy.

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Massage your chest daily. Massing the skin helps promote blood circulation and is commonly used for people who experience hair loss on their head. Start by warming up a small bowl of oil and then rubbing it on your chest. Once your entire chest area is covered, proceed to rub it in a circular motion with your fingertips. Continue rubbing your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also take this opportunity to give yourself a neck or scalp massage, which can be quite relaxing and help reduce stress.

Increase your vitamin intake. According to world-renowned vitamin expert Dr. George Obikoya, your vitamin intake has a major effect on how healthily and quickly your chest hair will grow. In fact, a poor diet lacking in nutrients can slow down or even halt hair growth entirely. Vitamin B, beta-carotine, vitamin C and flaxseed oil all contribute to regular hair growth. All of these vitamins can be found in food in your local grocery store or in vitamin supplements at a natural food shop.


Make a checklist that has a daily check box next to each step that can potentially help you hasten your chest hair growth. This way you can track what methods you have done each day and even measure results based on what you've done in the past.


Many massaging oils can heat up significantly faster than others, especially those that are relatively thin in texture. Always test how hot the oil is before rubbing it onto your chest. Otherwise, you could wind up with a burn bad enough to garner a visit to the doctor.