How to Get Rid of Underarm Razor Bumps

Shaving under your arms can sometimes leave the delicate, sensitive skin in that area with red, irritated bumps; not the look you're going for if you're putting on a tank top. Banish those bumps by taking some precautionary measures before you shave under your arms. You can also calm them by using products you probably already have around the house. Making sure to stop bumps before they happen can guarantee you smooth underarms that you can show off in sleeveless tops.

Exfoliate the area under your arms. Exfoliating will help rid the area of dead skin cells, which can cause unnecessary drag when you pull a razor over the skin, resulting in irritation. Use exfoliating cream on a shower sponge and buff gently before shaving.

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Apply a generous amount of shaving cream, lotion or body wash to the area. Err on the side of too much cream, so that you have an adequate moisturizing cushion between your skin and the sharp razor blade. Shaving cream and gel also contain moisturizers that can help calm irritate skin immediately after shaving.

Use a new razor to shave under your arms 1. An older razor may be fine on the thicker skin of your legs, but under your arm you'll need a sharp blade to reduce drag and irritation. You'll also go over the same spots less with a new blade, so that you don't need to continually scrape at the delicate skin.

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Shave in the direction of the hair growth. While you may think you get a closer shave shaving against the growth, this can cause ingrown hairs, which manifest as painful red bumps under the arm. Shaving with the hair growth is also safer, as you're not pulling and scraping at the hair with the razor blade.

Dry the underarms when finished, then apply hydrocortisone cream immediately. This will calm irritation and stop any itching that may linger after shaving. This will keep underarm razor bumps at bay so you don't have to be embarrassed by your red, bumpy underarms.