How to Get Rid of Smelly Feet From Sandals

Summer’s open-toed shoes do not keep foot odors at bay 1. If you experience foot odor after wearing sandals, your feet may not be entirely to blame. When your feet produce sweat, such as after a long walk in your sandals, the sweat itself does not necessarily smell. However, the sweat creates a wet environment that can combine with bacteria, causing odors to develop. To cut down on odors, reduce the amount your feet sweat and eliminate bacteria in your sandals. Because you do not typically wear socks, which can wick away moisture, with sandals, you must use alternate methods to reduce wetness.

Wash your feet daily with an antibacterial soap to remove bacteria before slipping on your sandals. Carefully towel-dry your feet, paying careful attention between the toes, which can retain moisture. If your feet are especially sweaty, repeat this process throughout the day.

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Spray an antiperspirant onto the soles of your feet. This helps prevent foot sweating that can cause sandal odors. Look for antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate, a particularly potent antiperspirant. An odor-eating alternative to antiperspirant is cornstarch, which can be applied to the soles of the feet to soak up moisture.

Spray an antibacterial or disinfecting spray directly onto your sandals. This will help remove existing bacteria that may cause odors. Give your sandals sufficient time to dry. At least 24 hours may be necessary before you should resume wearing them.

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Make a pot of tea -- any kind will do -- and pour it into a tub made for soaking the feet. When the tea cools, dip your feet into it, soaking for 10 minutes. You may wish to wash your feet to remove any staining the tea leaves behind. Tea contains tannins that help fight foot odor.


Choose sandals made of natural materials, such as leather. These materials tend to breathe better than their synthetic counterparts, reducing how much your feet sweat.


Wearing sandals made of rubber or plastic can cause your feet to sweat, increasing odors. When choosing sandals, avoid these materials. Refrain from wearing the same pair of sandals two days in a row. Taking a break each day gives your sandals time to sufficiently dry between wearings.