How to Get Rid of Sagging Upper Leg Skin

Sagging upper leg skin is a condition that can arise due to a variety of factors, but usually it is seen as people age. Losing bone density and muscle mass can lead to skin being saggy or fatty looking. According to "Good Housekeeping," as you age, skin renews more slowly and the structure can even break down 2. You can take some steps to get rid of unsightly sagging upper leg skin.

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Perform anaerobic strength-training exercises, because weight lifting provides strength and stability in the muscles, bones and joints, according to The website suggests focusing on the hamstring muscles to reduce sagging upper leg skin because these muscles are often neglected. A strength-training program should focus on high repetitions and low weights to tone muscles and increase endurance. Circuit training accomplishes this with high repetitions and short rests between sets. To perform circuits, do one high repetition set per body part and rest for a brief time between sets or do not rest at all. You should do strength-training exercises about three times per week.

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Train with aerobic exercises as well, which can include running, jogging, power walking, aerobics machines or bicycling. You will get some strength-building work too but aerobic exercise works the cardiovascular system and burns fat, which, in turn, will help tone and firm muscles and skin. Aim for at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three times per week.

Apply a firming moisturizing cream to the sagging skin nightly. Dr. Ranella Hirsch of the American Society for Dermatological Surgery suggests an active moisturizing cream that contains vitamin A, vitamin C serum, and alpha or beta hydroxy acids. According to "Good Housekeeping," these creams are best used at night and help skin renew faster and look firmer. Dozens of moisturizers on the market contain the suggested ingredients.

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