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How to Get Rid of Foot Blisters

Tight or stiff shoes that rub against the skin of your feet can cause painful blisters 2. Sports Injury Clinic explains blisters are a common problem that results from friction causing the outer layer of your skin to separate from the inner layers 12. When this happens, the gap in between the two layers of skin fills with fluid. Ridding your feet of painful blisters requires lifestyle changes and the use of products to relieve the pressure placed on the skin 2.

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Remove your shoes as soon as you suspect a blister is forming. Common areas for a foot blister to form are on the back of the heel and any area where you feel the shoe is rubbing against your foot.

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Apply a piece of moleskin over the foot blister. Moleskin tape has cushioning on one side and adhesive on the other, which rests between your true skin and the inside of your shoe.

Remove the moleskin tape every evening to allow the skin around the foot blister a chance to breathe. Replace the moleskin tape in the morning before you slip on your shoes.

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Repeat the process daily until the foot blister resolves. Once resolved, the liquid inside the blister will absorb into the skin and the skin will lie flat without pain, as normal.


If you do not have moleskin available, coat the foot blister with petroleum jelly. Moleskin is available in pharmacies and the medical aisle of your grocery store.


Do not pierce the blister to remove the fluid. Piercing the skin leaves the foot blister susceptible to infection. Check the foot blister daily for swelling, redness or severe pain, which denotes the presence of an infection. If you suspect your blister is infected, seek medical attention immediately.