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How to Get Rid of Deep Frown Lines Around My Mouth Without Surgery

When you want to look your best, aging skin and deep frown lines around the mouth cause concern. Although surgery is an option to eradicate the problem, the average $6,000 price tag on a basic face lift makes natural solutions a practical consideration. One do-it-yourself practice is facial reflexology 2. The simple method of applying pressure to and releasing reflex points on the face creates a tightening effect that lessons the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Sit in a comfortable chair and relax. Look in the mirror and find the two reflex points just above the upper lip, approximately one half inch to the sides of the center point. Press these points with the tips of your middle fingers just firmly and deeply enough to create mild discomfort. Hold this pressure for ten seconds and release for ten seconds. Set your timer for two minutes and use this back and forth pattern until the two minutes is up.

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Locate the reflex points located a quarter of an inch from the outer corners of the mouth. Press these points in the same pattern as in step one for two minutes.

Find the center of your bottom lip with your finger and go one half inch down on your chin. Press both middle fingers into the reflex points located on both sides of the center. Work through the two-minute hold and release pattern with these points.

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Look in the mirror and smile to find the center of your cheeks. Tap these points simultaneously with your fingertips. Continue this motion for one minute to tone these reflexes.

Relax for five minutes after your treatment. Drink a glass of water to aid the release of any toxins. Plan to do your reflexology sessions at least “3 times a week for the first five weeks; two times for the next two weeks; and one time for the following two weeks. Put yourself on a maintenance schedule after that for once every two weeks,” suggests author and reflexologist Mildrid Carter.