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How to Effectively Remove Scars From the Legs

Scars on the legs can be difficult to hide, especially during the summer months. You may feel self-conscious about wearing shorts or swimwear if scars appear on the legs. For minor scars, you can use home remedies to get rid of them or at least reduce their appearance. However, severe keloid and hypertropic scarring need to be removed through medical intervention.

Try an over-the-counter scar removal product. There are creams available that can help get rid of scarring you may have on the legs. One popular brand is Mederma. Apply a small amount of the topical ointment to the scar. After several weeks of use, you should notice a reduction in the appearance of the scar.

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Use a lotion containg vitamin E. Vitamin E is a common ingredient in scar removal products. Apply a lotion to the leg scars every day 2. As an example, you can try Palmer’s Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E. The lotion aids in moisturizing the skin to reduce the appearance of scars.

Make an appointment with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to discuss options to remove scars on the legs, if home treatment is ineffective. During your initial consultation, the doctor examines the scar and discusses the risks and benefits of each treatment option.

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Undergo medical therapy to remove leg scars 1. Steroid injections may be first recommended to help flatten the appearance of the scar. Filler injections are used on sunken scars 1. Surgical excision, dermabrasion and laser resurfacing are techniques that can also remove scars on the legs. During surgical excision, the scar on the leg is cut from the leg. Dermabrasion resurfaces the skin of the leg to decrease the size of the scar. Laser resurfacing uses concentrated light energy to remove layers of the skin that house the scar.