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How to Clear a Dark Spot on the Nose From Peeling Skin

When your skin peels due to dryness or healing from sunburn, the damaged layers may darken as excess melanin is distributed to the injured area. This darkening may leave you feeling a little unsure about your outward appearance. Cosmetics only mask this problem, and although darkened skin due to peeling of the nose is normally temporary, in some cases the discoloration will hang around for longer periods. Consult your physician for discoloration that does not respond to treatment and before starting any home remedies to lighten your skin.

Apply an over-the-counter bleaching cream containing hydroquinine, kojic acid or licorice extract, suggests "The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology." These creams work to break down excess melanin production responsible for skin discoloration 2. Treatment course varies depending on the extent of melanin production within your nose skin.

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Apply a topical retinoid to your nose to reduce hyperpigmentation. According to DermNetNZ, topical retinoids are useful on surface, or epidermal, discoloration however you should make sure to apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher when using topical retinoids.

Purchase a soy based facial cream to inhibit melanin formation on your nose, suggests "The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology." Soy has been found to reduce melanin production and break down hyperpigmentation naturally 2. This method is sometimes used in conjunction with topical retinoids and sunscreen application.

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Speak with your dermatologist about cryotherapy or dermabrasion. These treatments remove the surface layer of skin, promoting the healing of new, fresh skin to fade discoloration. According to DermNetNZ, the risks of this treatment include further skin damage to sensitive areas in some people, worsening hyperpigmentation. Discuss the risks and benefits of these treatments with your dermatologist before agreeing to treatment.

Hide your discoloration with cosmetics that are one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Several concealers and foundations on the market effectively hide skin discoloration on your nose. Opt for water based, natural looking products that are not too thick or greasy.