How to Clean Dark Underarms

Aside from regular washing, you may not give much attention to your underarms. But just like the skin on the rest of your body, the skin of your underarms needs some TLC from time to time. Dark patches under your arms can make your skin look dirty. The dark patches are often times an accumulation of dry skin that requires exfoliation for removal. The use of a natural skin lightener may also be helpful when used in combination with exfoliation.

Apply a quarter-sized amount of liquid body scrub or exfoliator to a damp washcloth. Massage your dark underarms with the washcloth, creating a lather. Remove the body scrub from your underarms with a warm water rinse. Do this every time you shower or bathe.

Pour ½ cup of pure lemon juice into a small bowl. Dip cotton balls in the lemon juice. Rub the dark patches under your arms with the lemon juice-soaked cotton balls.

Discard the lemon juice and cotton balls and allow the lemon juice to remain on your dark underarms for approximately 30 minutes. Rinse the lemon juice away with cool water after the 30-minute waiting period. Apply the lemon juice to the skin under your arms three to four times a week or until you achieve the desired result.


Lemon juice is acidic and can be irritating to your skin. Applying a moisturizing body cream after each application can help.


Do not overdo it with the liquid body scrub and washcloth. A gentle massage is all this is necessary to remove dead skin cells. Vigorous scrubbing will only cause irritation and chafing to your skin.