How to Care for Transition Lenses

Photochromic eyeglass lenses darken when you wear them outdoors, removing the need for sunglasses or clip-ons. Color-changing lenses are available from many companies, though the technology behind the most popular brands is owned by Transitions Optical, Inc., according to Gary Heiting, O.D., in his article on the website All About Vision 2. Cleaning transition lenses, whether they are made by Transitions Optical, Inc. or are generic photochromic lenses made by another manufacturer, requires a little extra care 2.

Wet your transitions lense by running them a gentle stream of lukewarm water from the faucet to rinse away any dust. Gently shake the water off.

Blot your lenses dry with an optical lens cloth. Do not wipe or rub the lenses because this can scratch them.

Apply a dot of mild dish soap to your fingertips. Wet your lenses, and clean them gently with your soapy fingertips to remove oils, fingerprints and anything else that might not just rinse off. Rinse away the soap and blot the lenses dry.


Keep your transitions lens eyeglasses in an eyeglass case when you are not wearing them to protect them from scratches.


Never clean your transition lenses with window cleaner because this can damage the coating.