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How Much Weight Do You Lose by Drinking Cho Yung Tea Every Week?

Cho Yung Tea is a specialized tea blend that the manufacturers promise will help you lose weight with little effort. The tea includes a combination of herbs and green teas traditionally used in Chinese folk medicine to both soothe the digestive system and promote weight loss. However, despite the claims made by Cho Yung Tea promoters, health professionals contend that exercise and a calorie-controlled diet are the only reliable ways to lose weight.


Cho Yung Tea contains seven main ingredients that promote quick weight loss: lotus leaf, oolong tea leaves, hawthorn, cassia seeds, alisoma rhizome, the fungus known as poria, and jiaogulan, a plant also known by the name Southern Ginseng. Cho Yung Tea producers contend that these ingredients cleanse and support the function of the digestive system.


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Individuals trying to lose weight by drinking Cho Yung Tea are recommended to consume two cups of the freshly brewed tea daily. No other exercise regimen or dietary guidelines are specified, although gentle exercise and eating small, healthy, low-fat meals regularly is advised as an accompaniment to the two daily cups of Cho Yung Tea.

Weight Loss

Commercial marketers of Cho Yung Tea advertise that you can lose weight at a safe rate by drinking their tea regularly; the advertised amount is between one and a half to two pounds per week. However, be cautioned that the claims made by Cho Yung Tea manufacturers may be exaggerated.

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Drinking Cho Yung Tea is not a scientifically proven way to lose weight. However, regularly consuming beverages that contain green tea may help contribute to weight loss because of the action of the compound epigallocatechin gallate, a natural chemical in green tea that may increase the number of calories burned during normal activities. Still, professional health organizations strongly advise that the most effective weight loss strategy is to burn more calories than you consume by either decreasing the amount you eat or increasing your level of physical activity.