How Many Calories in a Triple-decker Turkey Club Sandwich?

Sometimes it's so good you only wish you could make it bigger. Turkey club sandwiches can be found in almost every diner, grille or casual restaurant. A regular turkey club sandwich is around 300 calories, so consider the increased caloric intake you will have by stacking one turkey club on top of another.

Total Calories

Making a triple-decker turkey club sandwich will bring total calories to 890. Eating this sandwich would account for 45 percent of your caloric needs in the standard 2000 calorie-a-day diet.


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With all the additional mayo added to the sandwich, you will be having 490 calories from 55 g of fat. You will also consume 54 g of carbohydrates and 47 g of protein. The triple-decker turkey club sandwich is a solid source of protein by possessing 94 percent of suggested intake in the standard 2000 calorie-a-day diet.


If you choose to have a triple-decker turkey club sandwich, you will be taking in 110 mg of cholesterol and 2130 mg of sodium. This amount of sodium in the sandwich almost hits the suggested 2300-mg upper limit of sodium intake a day as recommended by