How Does Hair Club for Men Work?


The first step in the process is the consultation. You'll meet with one of the company's hair loss professionals to discuss the costs as well as your personal expectations. A hair and scalp assessment is also performed at this time, wherein measurements are taken of the area of the scalp suffering from hair loss. Donor hair samples are chosen for the hair replacement system that best matches your own hair. To ensure proper fitting and color match, you should request that the consultant take a mold of your bald spot and a clipping of your hair. Hair Club has a number of stock hairpieces in a variety of colors and sizes. But since your scalp, hair color and level of hair loss are different from the next person, the use of a stock piece won't necessarily give you the expected results. You'll want a piece created specifically for you.


After your consultation, you'll return to the office in a few weeks to be fitted with your "Bio-Matrix" hairpiece. At this time, about half an inch of the hair surrounding your bald spot is shorn. The hair replacement system is typically constructed slightly larger than the area of your scalp suffering from hair loss. This is largely due to the fact that the system needs something to adhere to. Without the shorn areas of hair, the system may not stay on your head for the appropriate length of time.

When the hairpiece is adhered to your scalp, a medical-grade adhesive is applied to the outer edges of the system, essentially gluing it to the shorn hair surrounding your bald spot. However, the front hairline doesn't use this same process. Instead of gluing it to your scalp, double-sided adhesive tape is applied to this section of the piece. Each day, you need to tape the hairline to your forehead after showering.


Once the hairpiece is adhered to your scalp, you're given a number of hair care products formulated for the hair replacement system as well as an adhesive remover, adhesive tape and other accoutrements. These are usually free with your initial purchase, but you'll need to buy subsequent products as they run out.

Maintenance is almost the same as for your natural hair. You can wash and style the piece as you would normally. And though this is called a semipermanent solution to hair loss, it's necessary to return to the office every four to six weeks to have the hairpiece removed, serviced and reapplied to your scalp. As the hair underneath the system grows, it loosens from your scalp. The piece is cut from your head, the area is again shorn, and the piece is glued back onto your head. The rest of your hair is also cut at this time to blend the hairpiece into your natural hair. Each visit costs about the same price as a high-end haircut, but you can also sign up for a plan that charges a set sum of money each month. This typically includes a second hairpiece and all service appointments.