How do I Find a Baby's Picture in Hospital Records?

A new baby is a joyful addition to your family. Most babies are born in maternity wards of hospitals or clinics. These medical institutions keep detailed records of all patients, including newborn babies and babies that are treated by nurses and doctors in the hospital. Sometimes, pictures are included as part of the medical records. This might be standard procedure in the hospital, or the parents might have requested it. Pictures might also be taken to document an injury. If you access the baby’s medical records, you’ll be able to view the pictures taken.

Contact the hospital where the baby was born or treated 1. You will need to request the baby’s hospital records from the maternity department or the department the baby was treated in.

Ask whether or not the hospital provides visual records. Not all hospitals will have pictures of babies on record.

Provide proof that you can have access to the baby’s records. Medical records are confidential, but if you’re the parent of a minor, then you can get access. A birth certificate can prove that you’re the parent. Also, if the baby pictures are yours, you will need to provide proof of your identity.

Utilize online resources, such as, located in the Resource section below, if you cannot get access to the baby's medical records. This website allows you to search for baby's records by hospital or by name and birth date. If pictures are included in the records, you will be able to find them.