How to Become a Toothpaste Model

Not all models promenade down fashion catwalks or show off elegant finery in the pages of glossy magazines. If you have sparkling white teeth and an irresistible smile, becoming a toothpaste model might be a viable career option. Mouth-oriented advertisements, including ads for lipstick, toothpaste and mouthwash, feature models with gleaming white teeth and perfect lips. Becoming a model in any segment of this competitive industry is tough, but with a strong work ethic, patience and a megawatt smile you’ll have a good chance at succeeding.

Visit a dentist, orthodontist and cosmetic dentistry professionals. Take immaculate care of your pearly whites — no one’s going to hire a toothpaste model with dingy, crooked teeth 1. Brush, floss and gargle daily, investing in braces or other corrective devices to straighten your smile. Yellow, stained teeth may be addressed through professional teeth whitening services, and you can always pay for porcelain caps or other cosmetic touches to perfect your grin.

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Ask a photographer friend to snap some photos for your modeling portfolio, or hire someone to take shots. Modeling agencies want to see clear, direct photos of your face and body, so avoid submitting artful, touched-up or unfocused photos. You’ll want to include some close-ups of your killer smile to emphasize your toothy assets; also include some photographs of your mouth in more relaxed positions.

Browse websites and join social networking groups centered on the modeling industry to learn about existing modeling agencies and their preferences. Some may focus exclusively on face, mouth or tooth modeling; others may keep a broad stable of attractive models to offer their clients more options when booking talent.

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Submit your modeling portfolio, along with a cover letter and resume, to modeling agencies that you believe might match your approach in becoming a toothpaste model. Don’t just submit to the best-known agency; smaller agencies sometimes offer more personalized attention and support in helping you land gigs. If you’re sending materials online, make sure files are saved in formats small enough that they won’t clog agents’ inboxes; that’s a sure way to have them deleted without being opened.


In addition to attending casting calls and open auditions for toothpaste models, keep your eyes open for occasional contests seeking lip, tooth and face models. Prizes sometimes include face time with well-known agents, money for talent schools or trips to cities known as hubs of the modeling world.


Once you’ve achieved a toothpaste model smile, maintain it by avoiding beverages known to stain teeth, such as coffee, tea, dark sodas and red wine. If you can’t resist, sip these drinks through a straw; that way you can better funnel liquids toward the back of your mouth, away from your shiny white teeth.