Household Items that Help Restore the Skin's Natural pH Balance

Your refrigerator or cabinet is full of household items and products that can help balance pH levels in the skin. The surface of the skin should be more acidic than the internal body in order for it to keep bacteria from growing. Balancing the body's pH levels internally and maintaining skin's external pH requirements will keep it healthy. Natural products found at home are effective, cost efficient, and environmentally friendly.


Find a lemon, and make a lemon juice toner. Combine a teaspoon of lemon juice in a half a cup of water. Apply with a cotton ball to the face and rinse after 5 minutes. This lemon water toner will restore skin's pH balance as well as kill bacteria on the surface of the skin. The citric acid will also fight fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne.

Full Body Spray

Apple cider vinegar, which comes from fermented apples, is full of vitamins and minerals that help restore skin's pH balance when applied topically. Dilute one part apple cider vinegar in eight parts water. This blend can be left on for 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on skin sensitivity. It also has antibacterial properties to fight skin infection and clean out pores. One way to use this solution is to put it in a spray bottle and spritz the body several minutes before taking a shower. It also balances the pH levels on the scalp to fight dandruff and remove product buildup from hair follicles.


A diet rich in certain raw foods will make the blood more alkaline. This allows the blood to absorb more oxygen to aid digestion, which leads to clearer skin. When your diet is too acidic, it leads to unbalanced pH levels in the skin. Columbia University's Health Q&A Internet Service suggests a diet rich in dark green leafy vegetables as well as colorful fruits such as citrus fruits and berries. Also drink lots of water for proper pH balance.


There are several types of foods to avoid that cause acidity in the body disrupting skin's pH levels. These foods include commercial dairy such as packaged cheese, refined products like white flour, rice, and sugar, and junk food. Additional foods, according to, include meats, caffeinated and carbonated drinks, and foods cooked in hydrogenated oils. These throw off pH balance within the body and can lead to premature skin aging and acne.