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Homemade Treatment for Instant Constipation Relief

By Mary Ylisela ; Updated July 27, 2017

Constipation involves the need to use a great deal of force or pressure in an effort to have a bowel movement. At some time or another, most people suffer from temporary constipation, due to a change in diet, illness or prescription medication. While there are commercial products available to relieve constipation, homemade remedies can also provide instant relief from constipation, which can also relieve the gas, pain and associated bloated stomach that go along with constipation.

Fill a copper pitcher with water and place the pitcher on the counter overnight. Drink a glass of water from the copper pitcher the next morning for instant relief of constipation.

Pour 1/2 cup carrot juice into a glass, as an alternative method, then add 1/2 cup spinach juice. Mix the combination well with a spoon.

Drink the carrot and spinach juice combination in the morning or at another time of day where you will have a few hours at home before having to leave for work or other obligations.


Drink 6 to 8 cups of water per day, eat the recommended amount of servings of fruits and vegetables per day and take a walk after dinner. All of these habits will contribute to a healthy digestive process.


See your physician if constipation is a recurring problem and cannot be relieved with home or commercial remedies.

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