Home Remedy to Draw Out a Hair Splinter

Hair splinters are annoying and painful. These splinters appear when a sliver of hair lodges itself under your skin and torments you until gone. Most splinters can be removed safely from home with the proper tools and antiseptic 1. Once removed, there is little chance for infection.

Hair Splinters

Splinters are foreign objects that snag and get caught under the skin. Hair splinters are common among hairstylist and groomers. Splinters at the top of the skin cause less pain than those embedded deeply. In order to avoid infection, withdraw the hair splinter immediately.

Soak Your Skin

Before retracting a splinter from your skin, soak it in warm water for approximately 15 minutes. Best Home Remedies says that this causes the object to soften and grow, possibly allowing it to come up naturally 1. Soaking the skin also makes the skin pliable and easily manipulated, aiding with the removal of the splinter.

First Aid Spray

Spraying the splinter with first aid spray relieves some of the pain. First aid spray numbs the area and allows you to work better with the hair splinter. It also prevents infection once the splinter is removed, cleans up the area and prohibits the growth of bacteria.


Grabbing a hair splinter with tweezers can be difficult. Use those that have ridges at the end. Before you begin poking at your skin, disinfect the tweezers by applying alcohol to the tips. The ridges will gain better gripping power once rubbed with alcohol.

Sewing Needle

According to Natural Remedies, if you are unable to remove the hair splinter with tweezers, you can use a sewing needle 3. First, sterilize the needle by swabbing it with alcohol or holding it in a flame for a few seconds. Once the needle has cooled or dried, gently pry the splinter out of your skin.