Home Remedy for Elevated PSA

By Pamela Pender

The prostate gland produces an enzyme protein called prostate specific antigen or PSA. A rise in PSA can suggest prostate cancer although it can also mean reduced blood supply to the prostate or urinary retention. PSA is discharged from the body by way of semen but can also be found in the blood. Higher levels are found in the blood when the PSA levels are high. It is normal to find elevated levels of PSA in men over 50.

Symptoms of Elevated PSA

Urine urgency with the feeling of not being able to empty the bladder and restricted or weak urine flow are symptoms found with elevated PSA.


Men with high levels of PSA can lower these levels naturally without medications.

Life Style Changes

Men who have found success with lowering their PSA naturally included fruits and vegetables, and whole grains to their diets. They also consume minimal amounts of caffeine and alcohol. Lowering PSA involves reducing the sugars and saturated fats in your diet along with eliminating meat altogether. If you are unable to give up meat completely, then choose leaner cuts of meats. Season your food with herbs instead of salt.


Lowering cholesterol aids in reducing levels of PSA. Licorice is known to assist in lowering cholesterol but should be taken in small amounts to avoid potential side effects associated with consuming large amounts of licorice.

Saw Palmetto should be included as a dietary supplement to aid in reducing the swelling of the prostate. Saw Palmetto has been successful in reducing problems with frequent urination, a condition found in men with elevated PSA.

Grab a handful of nuts that contain Selenium. Found in a variety of nuts, Selenium can help reduce levels of PSA. The highest levels of Selenium is found in Brazil nuts but should be consumed in small amounts because of potential side effects.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is also helpful to reduce cholesterol. Exercise helps control weight gain, which is associated with a higher cholesterol level. A lower cholesterol level means a lower PSA level. Dietary changes mentioned previously will help with weight control but adding physical movement will assist more. Add a 30- to 45-minute walk at least three times a week to your routine to help with weight control. Register for a yoga class to help lose weight and alternate on the days you aren’t walking.

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