Home Remedies for Sore Gums From Dentures

For people with false teeth, sore, aching gums because of dentures is quite a common complaint. Orthodontists can advise a way out of the pain but even before that, there are certain remedies that you can try at home to bring relief to your painful gums.

General Measures

As soon as your gums start to ache, take off your dentures and let the gums rest. Allow them their share of oxygen to remain healthy. At any time, and especially when you have dentures, you should try to keep your mouth clean. Maintain good oral hygiene by rubbing the insides of your mouth, particularly the sore zone’s scar tissue, with a warm, moist, clean cloth. This will help keep infections at bay. Then meticulously clean the dentures with a tooth brush, taking care that every foreign particle in the false teeth crevices gets removed. Only after this thorough cleansing should the dentures be doused in the denture immersion solution and kept overnight. If pain due to your dentures still shows no sign of going away, visit your dental specialist for advice.

Home Remedies

The simplest therapy for sore gums caused by painful dentures would be to take off your dentures and rinse your mouth--with special focus on your gums--with warm saltwater. This is because salt has anti-bacterial characteristics, which aid in bringing out and draining any abscess that has formed on the gums because of the dentures. The salt in the rinsing water helps in protection against any wounds, cut or scrape on the gums. You could also douse the sore gum area directly with aloe vera gel, procured fresh from the leaves. Leave the gel in place for a while, do not eat or drink anything for at least an hour. This application will soothe the gums and other areas that are painful because of the dentures, and help in treatment of the soreness and bring almost immediate relief.

Dealing with Dentures

Remember never to wear your dentures for too long a period at a stretch. This is very important, especially if the set you are wearing is a new one. You should give your gums regular breathers and enough time to get used to the new dentures or they will definitely lead to soreness. Make it a point to take out your dentures for at least six hours daily, maybe before going to bed. Cleansing of the dentures should be done with certain cleansers made especially for the purpose and not with standard toothpastes. This is because certain components of toothpaste might adversely affect the sturdiest of dentures, leading to a bad fit, which in turn will lead to soreness in your gums.