How Heavy Should My Ankle Weights Be?

By Sherry Morgan

Beginner Weights

To add resistance to a normal workout routine, use 1- to 2-pound ankle weights. These weights are comfortable for most people but still add additional resistance to progress exercise and training. These weights are also helpful during early stages of rehabilitation, and many are adjustable to provide the best comfort.

Intermediate Weights

Increased ankle weight sizes are available after you have become accustomed to the lighter weights. 2.5 to 5 pound weights are helpful during later stages of rehabilitation, fitness training and exercising. Heavier weights come with multiple bars to total the entire weight on each ankle. This is so the user may work up to the entire size of the weight as he becomes stronger.

Bottom Line

Begin cautiously with ankle weights, regardless of size, as they add strain to your back during certain exercises. Start with 1- to 2-pound ankle weights for exercising or training. Increase to new weight or add bars to your current weights as your muscle strength increases.

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