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How to Harden Softballs

By Duke Hampton

Today’s softballs generally fly farther than softballs of previous generations, but it’s possible to gain a distance advantage by hardening softballs. By their nature, softballs are not designed to travel as far as baseballs, which are not only smaller, but harder as well. You can’t realistically decrease the size of a software, but you can use a procedure to make softballs nearly as hard as baseballs.

Step 1

Moisten a paper towel with water and wrap it around the softball, taking care to cover all areas of the ball.

Step 2

Place the ball in the microwave and ensure that the ball is seated firmly on the glass plate inside to minimize the chances of rolling. Close the microwave door.

Step 3

Select the microwave’s highest heat setting and set the microwave to run for 90 seconds.

Step 4

Wait several minutes before removing the softball from the microwave to avoid getting burned from the hot ball.

Step 5

Let the softball cool overnight. Before using the ball, rub some dirt on it to remove the shininess, which increases when you microwave the ball.

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