Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

By Alyson Paige

For people with diabetes, balanced blood sugar levels are the holy grail. When blood sugar levels spike, diabetics need to lower their blood sugar. Certain foods and spices are known for their blood sugar balancing properties, and can be used to prevent raised blood sugar and to lower blood sugar.The good news is that it is simple to find these foods and simple to use them.


For diabetics, consuming the right kinds of food is critical to good health. Often, the need to maintain balanced blood sugar levels means that the person must make lifestyle changes. Food is at the center of these lifestyle changes. person with diabetes needs to avoid foods that are high in glucose or sugars, or foods that quickly convert to glucose, which obviously will raise blood sugar. Blood sugar control is a primary way to live a longer, healthier life.


Foods that lower blood sugar levels should be integrated into a healthy diet as well as kept handy for times when blood sugar elevates. Most foods that lower blood sugar have fat content. According to WebMD, good fats lower insulin resistance. When cells are more sensitive to insulin, blood sugar levels drop. Certain nuts and avocados, by virtue of their fat content, make good snacks and the fat keeps hunger at bay. Other foods, such as sweet potatoes, cinnamon, onions and garlic are either high in fiber, high in antioxidants, or have properties that regulate healthy cholesterol. Healthy cholesterol is an element in diabetic health.


Generally, it is advised to eat a high-fiber diet. Eat raw vegetables and fruits as well as fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Lemons are a healthy addition to meals. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and their acidity helps to lower other foods' glycemic indexes. Oat and rice bran crackers make healthy snacks. Complement with organic nut butter or cheese. Other foods that stabilize blood sugar are cheese, egg yolks, berries and brewer's yeast. Spirulina is high in protein and can be found in prepackaged drink mixes at health food stores.


When blood sugar is regulated, the overall effect is health. But, for diabetics, lower blood sugar is essential for life. The dangers associated with diabetes demand attention to diet. Foods that are rich in fiber help reduce blood sugar surges. Legumes, root vegetables, and whole grains are healthful for blood sugar levels as long as complex carbohydrates are regulated. Proteins from vegetables are the best form of protein, so again, whole grains and legumes are healthy. Protein-rich foods such as fish and low-fat or no-fat dairy also help regulate blood sugar.


The needs for persons with type 1 and type 2 diabetes vary. Type 1 diabetes requires insulin injections. People with type 2 diabetes may have difficulty tasting sweet flavors. It is important, therefore, for these people to learn about foods that are healthy for their condition. Also, people with type 2 diabetes do not need to avoid all sugars. Table sugar is less dangerous to blood sugar levels than a baked potato or some breakfast cereals. Carrots raise blood sugar more than ice cream. The reason is that carbohydrates quickly convert to glucose. For this reason, all diabetics must regulate simple and complex carbohydrates intake as well as sugar. Always consult a physician before making diet changes.

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