Foods That May Cause Hair Loss

By Debby Mayne

Most people lose some hair as they grow older. Although it is more noticeable in men, women experience it as well. Certain factors, such as hormones, stress, chemical treatments, drugs and pulling or tugging at the hair, may cause hair loss. Eating the wrong foods may also cause hair loss. According to hair and skin expert Diana Dudas, hair loss is aggravated by an unbalanced diet, which includes too much rich food, caffeine and alcohol. There is controversy over diet being related to hair loss, but no one will dispute that eating a balanced diet is good for overall health.

Caffeine and Hair Loss

The effect of too much caffeine causing hair loss is debatable. Excessive coffee or tea may raise stress levels, which can promote hair loss. However, some hair experts use procedures that involve applying coffee or tea directly on the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Sugar and Hair Loss

Too much sugar or foods that turn to sugar once ingested causes glycation, which is the breaking down of proteins. This causes the cellular aging process to speed up, and that often means developing a dry scalp and losing hair.

Alcohol and Hair Loss

The proper amount of zinc in the body is essential to hair growth. Too much alcohol may deplete the body’s reserves of zinc, which in turn may cause hair loss. Drinking alcohol in moderation doesn’t seem to be a problem, according to

Fatty Foods and Hair Loss

Prior to World War II, Japanese men rarely experienced male pattern baldness. However, after the war, when the Japanese diet incorporated many of the fatty foods in the Western culture, more Japanese men started losing their hair. Although a certain amount of fat is essential to give hair a healthy sheen, too much fatty food may replace the protein that is essential to hair growth.

High-Protein Diet and Hair Loss

The typical high-protein diet includes a vast amount of animal protein, which when eaten in large amounts may leach the body of other essential nutrients, such as calcium and fluids. It may also cause the arteries to become filled with plaque, and this prevents the cells in the scalp from receiving the proper nutrients needed for healthy hair growth.

Salt and Hair Loss

Too much salt may damage the blood and may create hypertension or high blood pressure. This in turn could cause a problem since healthy blood flow to the scalp is essential for a healthy head of hair.

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