Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

By Daniel Westlake

The number of men effected by erectile dysfunction may have been higher a few decades ago, but with the increased use of prescription drugs like Viagra and Cialis, those numbers have been reduced significantly. However, all pharmaceuticals have their side effects. These drugs are expensive and can be a hassle, as regularly having to take a pill before sex is yet another thing to remember. Dietary habits can help to alleviate the effects of erectile dysfunction, as an alternative to taking pharmaceutical drugs.


Watermelon has been proven to have a large amount of citrulline, which is a phytonutrient helping to relax blood vessels and allowing blood flow to the penis. To get the best results from the citrulline in watermelon it is advised not to refrigerate it until you cut it. And if you want to go one step frrther, save the rind of the watermelon, run it through a juicer and drink that. Most of the citrulline is found in the rind.

Foods High in Zinc

Unprocessed meats, dairy products and whole wheat products are high in zinc. Men with erectile dysfunction have a low levels of zinc in their bodies. Zinc is important to a man's sexual health for a number of reasons, namely boosting testosterone and enhancing sperm mobility. Zinc depletion in men is usually caused by a prior health problems, like diabetes, digestive diseases or kidney and liver problems.


Garlic is an excellent food to help cure erectile dysfunction, though you should probably keep a pack of breath mints on hand. Garlic increases the production of hydrogen sulfide, which relaxes blood vessels and is incredibly healthy for the heart. It also contains allicin, which is known to stimulate blood flow. With relaxed arteries and proper blood flow, erectile dysfunction is almost sure to disappear.


Papaya is another food that helps you overcome erectile dysfunction as it contains arginine, which helps blood flow to the penis by boosting nitric acid in the body. This relaxes the muscles surrounding the penis, dilating the blood vessels and increasing blood flow. A concentrated version of arginine is found in Viagra, the pharmaceutical poster child for erectile dysfunction treatment.

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