What Food Contains the Most Negative Ions?

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Diet management helps you achieve optimal health and experience more energy. To structure your diet so your body utilizes negative ions more efficiently, and to decrease the effects of positive ions, increase your consumption of alkalizing foods and decrease your consumption of acidifying foods.

Negative Ions and Where They are Found

While positive ions are also known as the harmful free radicals that are emitted from things such as microwaves and toxic chemicals, many people believe negative ions actually have a healing effect on the body. Unlike positive ions which lack an electron, negative ions are ion molecules of oxygen in the air with an extra electron. Negative ions are typically found in higher concentrations around mountains, meadows, waterfalls, beaches, and forests. Urban areas such as office buildings have much lower levels of negative ions.

Effects of Negative Ions on the Body

The body's energy system is fundamentally electromagnetic in nature. Although there is not yet sound scientific proof, some scientists suggest that a negatively-charged environment stimulates blood circulation and increases the blood flow of oxygenated blood to all of the cells throughout the body. Negative ions have been used in alternative medicine to treat depression, migraines and asthma. Some people say they relieve pain.

How To Reap These Benefits From Foods

According to the online health magazine HealthMad, eating a diet rich in alkaline foods can help ensure a maximum benefit of negative ion exposure, while reducing the harmful effects of positive ions. Vegetables and fruits that are alkaline (containing a higher pH), reduce the acidifcation of the blood. Similarly, foods that are acidic can reduce the amount of negative ions found in the body and should be avoided.

Foods That Are Alkaline

Vegetables that produce an alkaline effect on the body include cabbage, broccoli, chard, sweet potatoes, green beans and cucumbers. Healthy fruit choices that also produce an alkaline effect on the body include pears, apples, cantaloupe and raspberries. For protein sources, choose among tempeh, tofu, whey protein and almonds.

Foods That are Acidic

There are fewer vegetables and fruits that produce an acidic effect on the body, but those that do include corn, lentils, winter squash, cranberries, blueberries and plums. Most meats such as beef, lamb, pork, turkey, and salmon also have an acidic effect and should be avoided. Alcohol and caffeine are both acidic and should also be avoided.