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Flu Symptoms Without Nausea or Vomiting

Each year, up to one-fifth of people in the United States develop a viral infection called influenza, known more commonly as the flu, reports 1. Children with this type of infection often develop flu symptoms that affect the stomach; however, people can have the flu even without experiencing nausea or vomiting 2.

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Elevated Body Temperature

One of the characteristic symptoms of the flu that distinguishes it from the common cold is an elevation in body temperature 2. When the body is exposed to pathogenic substances, the immune system initiates an increase in body temperature to prevent the infection from spreading through the body. People with the flu typically develop a fever that exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, reports. Fever symptoms arise rapidly and can occur in conjunction with sweating, headache, chills or facial flushing 2. People who develop fever symptoms should receive further evaluation and care from a medical professional 2.

Fatigue, Weakness, Body Aches

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This viral infection can cause extreme fatigue symptoms in affected people, explains 12. Additional symptoms, such as body aches or muscle weakness, can exacerbate fatigue or tiredness in certain people 2. These symptoms of the flu can make it difficult for an infected person to remain active during the day while at work or school 2. Extreme fatigue may also cause people to sleep later in the morning or take frequent naps throughout the day.

Nasal Congestion or Cough

Respiratory symptoms, such as nasal congestion or cough, can arise in people infected with the flu virus 2. Nasal congestion can affect a person's ability to breathe normally through his nasal passageways. Affected people can also develop a runny nose or may frequently blow their nose to clear excess mucus from the nostrils. Dry cough symptoms can be uncomfortable and may contribute to chest discomfort or sore throat in those affected, explains 2. Unlike the common cold, these flu symptoms typically emerge quickly over the span of several hours 2.