How to Get Flexible Fast for Ballet

By Del Yates

Ballet dancers often dance several hours a day to prepare for performances. Because they dance so much, they must be flexible to avoid injuries. Some dancers aren't as flexible as they need to be. Whether you are new to ballet or have been dancing for several years, you can increase your flexibility by doing stretching exercises, yoga and eating a healthy diet.

Step 1

Establish a stretching routine. Do stretching exercises both before and after you dance. Stretch your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. A common stretch to increase flexibility is the splits. Hold each stretch for approximately 30 seconds. Remember to breathe in and out when you stretch.

Step 2

Work within your limits. If you feel a lot of pain, you have stretched too far. Recognize that it takes time increase your flexibility, and some days will be easier than others.

Step 3

Eat a healthy diet. Fill your diet with lean protein, green vegetables and low-fat dairy products. Limit your intake of fattening foods, such as pizza, chips and candy. Drink eight glass of water a day to stay hydrated.

Step 4

Participate in yoga. Take a class at your local health club or purchase a yoga exercise DVD. Do yoga exercises at least three times a week to achieve the best results.


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