How to Fix Armpit Chafing

Chafing is the unpleasant result of folds of skin rubbing together during activities such as exercise. Chafing, which can also result from wearing rough, scratchy clothes, causes irritation and pain in areas such as the groin, thighs and armpits. If your underarms are chafing, there are many things that you can do to fix the problem.

Trade in rough clothing for 100 percent cotton T-shirts, undershirts and sweaters. Cotton allows the skin to breathe, which is especially important in preventing chafing. Choose loose-fitting items to help keep the skin dry and cool.

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Wash your new shirts before you wear them. This can help to soften the fabric and remove harmful dyes.

Apply calendula oil, which works against inflammation, fungus and bacteria, to your underarms. You can also use petroleum jelly to prevent friction.

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Use a clean cloth or your fingers to apply a thin layer of talcum powder to your armpits before any activity during which chafing occurs. This will help you stay dry, a key element in avoiding chafing.

Lubricate your armpits with a homemade mixture of 1 cup each of vitamins A and D ointment, 1 cup of petroleum jelly and a dollop each of vitamin E and aloe vera cream. As with the talcum powder, apply a thin layer to your underarms prior to engaging in activities which provoke chafing.


Be sure to drink enough water; staying hydrated is essential for skin health. If sweat irritates your armpits and causes chafing, try switching your workouts to a cooler time of day, such as evening or early morning.


Do not use any of the listed products if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.