The Fastest Way to Tone Flabby Arms

By Chris Caruso

Flabby arms are a common occurrence in both men and women. Reducing fat in general requires a good healthy diet and a consistent workout regiment. The most efficient way to shed excess arm fat is by improving your overall fitness levels alongside specific exercises targeting your arms. Persistence is key, there's no sure-fire way to quickly get rid of flabby arms and it can take months depending on how much excess fat you want to get rid of and your overall strength and stamina. However, with hard work and diligence you will achieve the results you desire.

Step 1

Reduce your overall fat intake. Avoid foods that are high in saturated and trans fats such as fried foods, fast food, pork, veal and chips. Replace these with lean proteins like beans, chicken, fish and eggs. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and always choose whole wheat options when available. Instead of drinking soda or juice, drink water. Improving your diet will greatly accelerate the process of toning down your arms.

Step 2

Jumping rope is a good cardio exercise.

Exercise regularly. In combination with a proper diet, a consistent exercise routine is crucial in getting the arms you desire. Aim to get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises four times per week. Great cardio exercises that will tone your arms include push-ups, swimming and jumping rope. Cardio will also speed up your metabolism which will help your body lose fat even quicker.

Step 3

Do arm specific weight training.

Do arm specific strength training daily. Once you've gotten into the habit of eating properly and doing cardio workouts to help trim off your overall body fat, implement a strength training routine that targets your arms specifically. Do bicep curls and tricep extensions using dumbells as an easy and effective ways of toning your arms. Medecine balls, resistance bands, and kettlebells are also great tools to help tone your arms. Aim to do three sets of 10 repetitions. Gradually increase the weights you use every week.

Step 4

Aim for a healthy lifestyle.

Continue improving your diet and exercising regularly even after you've achieved the arms you desire. The best way to maintain toned arms is to remain healthy year-round.


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