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Face Exercises for Smile Lines Around the Mouth

Though they are called smile and laugh lines, exuberant behavior like smiling and laughing will not actually lead to wrinkles around the mouth. The grooves or creases that appear at the sides of your mouth when you smile are due to the skin losing its elasticity and strength, caused by such factors as aging, sun exposure and smoking. Exercising your face as you would your body may aid in firming the muscles around your mouth and help to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Funny Face

Kids have the right idea when they distort and stretch their face into various contortions; facial exercises for the most part are about engaging the muscles in the particular area that you want to tone. Also called Face yoga, actions such as puckering your lips and pushing against your mouth with two fingers, and making an O shape with your lips followed by a wide smile, activate the muscles around your mouth. Toning such muscles, as you would your biceps or hamstrings, helps them to become firm and taut, although there's no guarantee that your new toned muscles will hide your smile lines. Perform facial exercises three to four times per week. Repeat each exercise five to 10 times.