How to Expand Your Butt Fast

By Vivek Saxena

Many women want a round and curvaceous butt, but the ones who desire it the most are those born with a flat butt. To make matters worse, the Internet teems with pseudo advice and pseudo products that claim to give a woman a butt fast, when the truth is they do not. However, there is some good news. You can expand your butt fast, but you have to work hard for it.

Step 1

Perform lower-body weightlifting exercises like wide-legged squats and deadlifts. These two exercises are the best lower-body exercises for targeting the gluteus maximus. However, these can be uncomfortable for some women, so Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer for the American Council on Exercise, recommends also trying exercises like quadruped hip extensions, step-ups, lunges, and four-way hip extensions.

Step 2

Walk or run daily. These cardiovascular routines put a tremendous deal of stress on your lower body muscles. They work even better on inclined surfaces. If you can't find any hills to walk or run, visit a gym or investing in a treadmill. Not only will you build your butt muscles, but you'll also burn fat and strengthen your immune system.

Step 3

Supplement your diet with foods rich in protein and carbohydrates. To expand your butt, you'll need to eat foods that promote the development of your butt muscles. However; without exercise, the extra carbohydrates and protein will just turn into fat.

Step 4

Adjust your weight. Genetics plays a great role in the way you look. If weight tends to build up in your arms and stomach, try losing weight to better accentuate your butt. If, however, weight tends to gather in your butt, then your best bet is to eat more protein and carbohydrates.

Step 5

Wear padded panties. They won't make your butt bigger, but they'll at least make it appear larger. In fact; padded panties add volume and also lift your butt up, thereby creating added definition.

Step 6

Invest in butt-lift surgery. This is the quickest method to expand your butt, but it is also expensive and risky. A surgeon removes excess skin and repositions the surround tissue to make the butt appear healthier, younger and more round. It doesn't necessarily make it bigger, as in volume, but it can make it look bigger.

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