Exercise After Cervical Erosion Treatment

Exercise can be resumed gradually after cervical erosion treatment, with doctor approval. Cervical erosion is a somewhat misleading name for a change in the cells outside the opening of the cervix. For this reason, the disorder is now called cervical eversion or cervical ectropion. Cells that produce mucous inside the cervix are pushed to the outside opening. The cause is unknown but is thought to be hormonally based since it is often seen in pregnant women and those using oral contraceptives. Many cases produce no symptoms and are found during routine gynecological exams, and no treatment is needed. The cells from inside the cervix are delicate and can be prone to infection when they migrate outside the cervix, requiring antibiotics. Treatment is usually recommended if there are bothersome symptoms such as infection, discharge, pain or bleeding between periods or after sex.


Treatments for cervical eversion include cauterization, cryosurgery, topical treatments and laser surgery-which are outpatient procedures. It is important to ask your doctor about resuming activity after your treatment. In general, it will take the cervix three weeks to heal but you can return to work and other routine activity in one to three days. Listen to your body and call your doctor if you have symptoms such as a fever, increased pain, foul smelling discharge, or bleeding heavier than a regular period.

Resuming Exercise

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After cervical treatment, follow your doctor's guidelines to resuming exercise. It is likely that light exercise will be recommended after your initial healing period. Choose low-impact exercises such as walking or yoga. Do fewer repetitions and avoid over-exhaustion. If you feel good with light exercise, gradually increase the intensity over a period of days. Watch for signs that you may be doing too much, such as an increase in bleeding. Call your doctor if you experience any new or worsening symptoms.

Back to Normal

Your cervix will not be fully healed for several weeks. Don't push yourself so hard that you inhibit your body from healing. If you are feeling fine as you increase the intensity of exercise, it is safe to do so until you are back to your normal fitness routine, as long as it follows your doctor's recommendations. Watch for symptoms until you are fully healed, and call your doctor if you are unsure.

Fully Healed

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When you get approval from your doctor that you are completely healed from your cervical treatment, you can resume normal exercise and even increase your workout intensity if you desire. This will likely take three or more weeks. Your cervix should be completely back to normal and should not dictate your routine.