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How to Eliminate Belly Fat Naturally

By Mary Johnson-Gerard, Ph.D.

Losing belly fat naturally is as simple as changing your diet and adding moderate exercise to your lifestyle. Belly fat has become a major issue in American society due to our propensity for fast food and our sedentary lifestyles. Making a few subtle changes in your daily routine can eliminate belly fat naturally without fad dieting and expensive supplements.

Changing your Diet

Step 1

Write down for one week everything you eat including saturated fat, grams of sugar and calories of each item.

Step 2

Cross off each item you typically eat that does not fit into the food pyramid recommended servings for saturated fat and sugar. The food pyramid suggests that adults consume 5-7 teaspoons of fats/oils each day and limit saturated fat and added sugar as much as possible. Added sugar is any sugar that does not occur naturally in a food.

Step 3

Redesign your diet to include the food pyramid recommended servings of grain, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk and dairy and fats/oils for each day. This will naturally decrease your calorie consumption, which will in turn reduce belly fat.

Step 4

Continue to chart your meals and weigh yourself each day. Simply eating a balanced diet based on the United States Department of Agriculture Food Pyramid will begin to eliminate belly fat with no added supplements. Results can be seen within 2-3 weeks.

Adding Exercise and Rest

Step 1

Begin a cardiovascular workout for at least 30 minutes three times a week. This can include swimming, jogging, fast paced walking, running and aerobics. Exercise burns calories and improves the body's metabolism so that it burns calories more efficiently.

Step 2

Record each day on your meal charting how much and what type of exercise you are doing. This will help you plan for each week. Make a note of what type of exercise you prefer doing.

Step 3

Sleep at least seven to eight hours a night. Limited sleep has been shown to lower metabolism which can lead to weight gain.

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