Is Eggplant Good for Gout?

Gout sufferers experience periods of intense pain and swelling of their joints, usually in the big toe 1. Your diet can play a role in alleviating flare-ups and preventing future attacks 1. Because it's low in purines -- a potential trigger for gout -- eggplant should not cause or worsen gout.

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Gout Causes

Gout is primarily caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood, or hyperuricemia. It can also be caused by medications or medical conditions that raise uric acid levels 1. Uric acid found in the blood is primarily the result of the body breaking down purines, a type of nitrogen-based compound found in many foods.

Purine Rich Foods

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The level of purines in food varies. On the high end are organ meats, fish roe and red wine. Eggplant, on the other hand, is low in purines, so it makes a welcome addition to gout-friendly diets.

Gout Attacks

An acute gout attack resulting in severe pain and joint inflammation can only be treated with medication. Although eating low-purine foods, such as eggplant, will not alleviate the pain or swelling, following a low-purine diet may help control attacks in the future.