The Effect of Using a Heating Pad for Too Long

Heating pads are offer relief for sore muscles and soothe ailments such as cramps. Never use them for too long as it can pose serious health risks. Microwave pads may be safer than electrical ones.


Apply heating pads on top of the sore area. Use a towel between the skin and the pad. Many heating pads have soft covers but can be wrapped in a pillow case for protective comfort.


Use the heating pad for up to 15 minutes. Do not sleep with the pad. Doing so can overtax the system, cause dehydration or irritation. Choose a pad that shuts off automatically over one with manual controls.

Exposure Hazards

When applied too long, heating pads can blister, irritate or burn skin. Check under the pad often and move it around. Avoid high temperatures. Do not use on babies, the elderly or the seriously ill.

Risks and Dangers

When damaged, overheated or misused, heating pads can cause fire. Follow the directions. Keep pads away from metal, oxygen tanks and other conductors or fire hazards.

Proper Use

Do not lie or sit on heating pads, which can damage the wires. Do not bunch or fold the wires when storing or using pads.

Safety Tips

Always check your pad and cord before use. Ensure they function properly and that the pad is not broken or torn. Do not use if you have a fever.