Dry Bitter Mouth in the Morning

A dry mouth and morning breath can both cause a bitter taste in the mouth. Your mouth is naturally dry in the morning, so the bitter taste and bad breath are associated with the dryness. Several solutions may help with these problems.

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Bad breath often causes a bitter taste in your mouth. Sleeping with your mouth open increases the dryness of your mouth, which also increases the bitter taste in your mouth. The use of saliva is one of the first steps in digesting food, so if the mouth is dry, particles are unable to be removed efficiently, causing bad odors and a bad taste. There are several hundred medications that list a dry mouth as a side effect. Gingivitis, tooth decay, cancers and bacterial infections can also cause a bad taste in your mouth, according to HealthGuidance.org.


A dry bitter taste in the mornings sounds like common morning breath; however, if your dentist suspects a problem, a physical examination will be conducted. An X-ray may be taken of your mouth to determine if the bitter taste and bad odor in your mouth is due to tooth decay. If an underlying problem is suspected, such as allergies or a sinus infection, you will be referred to a doctor.


Artificial saliva can be prescribed if your salivary glands are not producing enough saliva. Brushing and flossing your teeth when you wake up and before bed will minimize the amount of food trapped between your teeth, which can cause foods to stick to mouth tissues, leading to a production of sulfur gases, notes the Atlanta Dental Group. Brush your tongue, cheeks, gums and palate to remove excess bacteria. Gargling salt water can also kill bacteria that lead to bad odors and bitter tastes, adds the Atlanta Dental Group.


Drink plenty of water during the day to prevent a dry mouth. Always keep a glass of water next to your bed at night, so you can quickly take a sip if your mouth feels dry in the middle of the night. Chew sugar-free gum during the day to increase saliva production. Never skip brushing your teeth before bed since this will leave food particles in your mouth, allowing bacteria to grow throughout the night. Speak to your doctor about changing your medication if it causes dry mouth so the bitter taste and odor will be reduced as well.


Dry mouth and a bitter taste in the morning can be embarrassing. There is no way of checking your own breath, but if you have a bitter taste and dryness, odor is present as well. In addition to daily oral hygiene habits, visit your dentist for a professional cleaning at least twice per year.