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Does Eating Raw Vegetables Make You Lose Weight?

Your eating and drinking habits will directly affect your weight loss success. Consuming foods that are high in calories is likely to lead to weight gain, as any excess calories you take in will be stored on your body as fat. However, making adjustments to your nutritional plan so that you’re consuming fewer calories can help you lose weight. Raw vegetables are typically low in calories and thus are good food choices for those limiting their calorie intake.

Losing Weight

If you're interested in losing weight, participate in a consistent exercise program and limit overall calorie intake by making healthy food and drink decisions. Whenever you consume fewer calories than you burn, your body breaks down your body fat to use as fuel. Every 3,500 caloric deficit equates to about a pound of fat loss.

Raw Vegetables

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Raw vegetables are quality food choices because they provide your body essential vitamins and nutrients yet are low in calories. According to My Fitness Pal, a cup of chopped raw carrots has only 52 calories, while providing the body with 308 percent of the daily requirement in vitamin A and 13 percent of daily vitamin C requirements. A single cup of chopped raw celery has only 14 calories. Some vegetables are higher in calories, such as avocados which possess 290 calories.

Daily Calorie Intake

To calculate how many calories you should eat per day, use an online calorie calculator, which will take your current body weight and your typical activity level to provide you with an approximate value of the number of calories you are likely to burn per day. To successfully lose weight, consume 250 to 500 fewer calories than the total amount you burn every day.


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It’s not the consumption of raw vegetables that makes you lose weight, but the overall lower intake of calories when you choose raw veggies instead of higher-calorie snacks like chips or crackers. However, be sure to monitor your overall intake and make adjustments as necessary. Simply adding raw vegetables to what you typically eat every day will only add to the number of calories you consume and will adversely affect your weight loss success.