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How Do Sumo Wrestlers Gain Weight?

By Calia Roberts

Sumo wrestling is a sport in which two wrestlers stand in a ring and attempt to push their opponent to the ground or out of the inner circle of the ring. Sumo wrestlers rely heavily on their weight to beat an opponent and will gain massive amounts of weight in order to be successful.

Skipping Breakfast

After waking, sumo wrestlers will train vigorously for several hours on an empty stomach. This makes the wrestlers extremely hungry and able to eat enormous amounts, which results in weight gain.

Eating Two Meals

Sumo wrestlers are known to eat only twice per day. These two meals generally amount to approximately 5 to 10 meals that would be consumed by the average person. This practice encourages the body to hold on to fat and induces weight gain.

Drinking Alcohol

Indulging in large amounts of alcohol -- primarily beer -- is a traditional method used by sumo wrestlers to gain abdominal weight. Sumo wrestlers use their stomachs for stability and alcohol raises cortisol levels which results in abdominal fat.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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