Do Scabies Show Under a Black Light?

Do you have an annoying itch that won't go away in an embarrassing area you'd rather not mention? Are you scratching constantly and developing a rash? It could be caused by scabies, which are tiny mites that are highly contagious. They can be passed by skin contact, common bedding and shared clothing and towels. If you see small red bumps and and lines on your skin in the itchy area, get medical attention. Treatment may include creams, lotions or pills. If you're wondering if your itching is caused by these tiny critters and not some other skin condition, a black light can help spot them.

Pour a small amount of the tetracycline solution on a tissue or cotton ball and rub it into the itchy area. Dispose of the tissue or cotton ball, as it may contain scabies.

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Darken the room as much as possible and place the black light close to the itchy area. Any scabies present will appear as white dots.

Wipe any other itchy areas with the solution and check again with the black light. If you have scabies, get medical treatment immediately. Even if the black light shows no evidence of them, your itching and scratching are still signs of a problem. Have a professional check it out.

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Follow the medical treatment instructions carefully and completely. Clean and disinfect your entire living area and wash all clothes and bedding.


Tetracycline antibiotic solution is available over-the-counter at drug stores or on the Internet. It may help the rash caused by scabies, but will not kill them or their eggs.


Scabies are highly contagious. If you have them, do the right thing and notify anyone you might have given them to.