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How do I Install Bedrails on Hospital Bed?

By Joe Christos ; Updated July 27, 2017

Bed rails on a hospital bed are a necessity in order to prevent a patient from falling out of bed. Most hospital bed frames are only the width of a Twin frame, so there is little room for movement. This article will demonstrate how to install Invacare full-length bed rails on a home-style hospital bed.


Remove the mattress from the bed frame.

Install a crossbrace on the head spring of the bed frame between the sixth and seventh springs.

Slide the bed hook of the crossbrace under the bed spring iron.

Push the crossbrace inward until the internal spring gives enough so you can attach the other end to the other side of the bed frame.

Turn the plunge barrels so they are vertical, with the long end on the bottom.

Install the second crossbrace on the foot spring between the second and third springs, using the same steps as previously noted.

Place the outer telescoping tube of the bed rail into the barrel of head spring crossbrace.

Pull the plunger knob on the barrel to lower the bed rail and then release it to lock it in place.

Pull to extend the bed rail and then place it in the barrel of the foot spring crossbrace.

Pull the plunger knob on the foot spring cross brace to lower the bed rail and then release again to lock it into place.

Repeat this process for the bed rail on the other side of the bed.

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