Do Any Creams Effectively Plump & Firm the Skin?

In lieu of expensive plastic surgery procedures that tighten and plump aging skin, there are a plethora of topical lotions and creams that promise similar, albeit temporary, results. The active ingredients in these creams are responsible for the firming and plumping effects that give skin a youthful, glowing look.

Active Ingredients

When looking for creams that plump and firm skin, don't look at the price or brand name of the product. Instead, look at the list of ingredients on the label. The Mayo Clinic advises to look for active ingredients like retinol, hydroxy acids, copper peptides, kinetin, tea extracts and coenzyme Q10. Retinol works by getting rid of free radicals, which are the molecules responsible for damaging healthy skin cells and producing wrinkles. Hydroxy acids exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells and promoting new ones to grow. Copper peptides stimulate collagen production to plump skin. Kinetin also promotes the production of collagen. Coenzyme Q10 and tea extracts both help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Daily Use

According to the Mayo Clinic, over-the-counter (OTC) creams that claim to plump and firm skin work best when used daily, and even twice a day. It may even take several weeks or even months before the cream's plumping and firming effects become visible. This is because most of the non-prescription wrinkle creams contain very low doses of the active ingredients that are necessary to induce the skin to create collagen. According to a study by Consumer Reports, many of the top advertised brands of wrinkle creams produced very subtle results after being tested on 79 participants over a course of six weeks. According to the study, Neutrogena's Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Serum and Dermasilk 5-minute Face Lift were the most effective of the OTC creams.

Prescription Retinoids

If you want real, visible results, try a prescription retinoid instead of the over-the-counter wrinkle creams on the market. A prescription retinoid, like Renova, will give you both the results you crave as well as your money's worth 1. A prescription retinoid has a much higher dose of retinol, the active ingredient that firms and plumps skin, than any of the creams you can find at your local drugstore or beauty supply store. Unlike over-the-counter creams, Renova, and other prescription retinoids like it, has been evaluated and approved by the FDA for wrinkle treatment 1. Renova is a vitamin A derivative and works by vigorously promoting skin renewal, thereby eliminating wrinkles and sagging 1. It also smoothes and softens your overall complexion. Use Renova exactly as prescribed by your doctor 1. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if excessive irritation or other unpleasant side effects develop.