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How to Dispose of an Old Pool Table

By Contributing Writer

A pool table can provide wonderful leisure for friends and family. Once the table is past its prime, however, disposing of it can present a challenge. A great way to dispose of a table is to donate it to someone in need of one.

Decide if your pool table is in good enough shape to donate. A pool table doesn't have to be brand new to have value, but you don't want to give someone else your non-working headache. Slight tears in felt or wear in wood are acceptable signs of aging.

Find a person to donate it to. In many cases friends, schools, the Salvation Army or other willing organizations would be more than happy to take a used pool table off your hands. Schools can use them for plays and Salvation Army locations can use them for recreational purposes in shelters.

Enlist people to help you move the pool table, if the person or group you're donating it to doesn't offer pickup service. Pool tables can be very heavy and are usually placed in people's basements. Carrying such a heavy item up a staircase alone can be dangerous, if not impossible.

Transport the pool table to its new destination. Never deliver an item to anyone other than the person you promised it to. When you make a verbal agreement to deliver a product, carry through with personal delivery.

Keep any receipts or proof of donation for your records. In some cases, you can claim items you donate on your tax forms. Signatures of those involved helps to prove the transaction occurred.

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