How Does a Detox Bath Work?

By Traci Joy

Why a Detox Bath?

Every day our bodies are assaulted with unwanted invaders. From pollution in the air, pesticides in our foods, and additives in cosmetics and lotions, our bodies takes in more bad chemicals than our cells can handle. As these heavy metals and chemicals deposit in our cells and tissues of our body we become "toxic."

As these chemicals move through our digestive and circulatory systems, they pass through the stomach lining and arterial walls and enter body tissues, where they can not be eliminated by digestive means. The purpose of a detox bath is to help draw these chemicals out of those inner areas of the body and help us be rid of them.

The Detox Bath

Detox baths are based on the principals of hydrotherapy, which is using water to promote health and healing. While a hot water soak can be directed to a specific area of the body, a detox bath focuses on the area of the groin. The reason for this is this area is home to the major arteries of the body, and focus here will boost other body functions such as elimination, digestion and circulation, all of which are very important in the role of detoxification.

Keeping your groin area submerged in very hot water increases circulation to that area, draws the toxins out of the deep tissues of the body to the skin's surface, where they can be eliminated. Adding Epsom salt or sea salt and baking soda to the bath aids in detoxification. The salts and baking soda help you sweat and bring more poisons out of your system. A gentle, natural fiber brush used on the skin aids in removing the toxins and dead skin cells off the body. Herbs such as chamomile and lavender are often added to give the bath more of a specialized relaxing touch.

Detox Bath at Home

To give yourself a detox bath you don't need a special tub or setup. Run water into your bathtub and make it as hot as you can take it. When you get into the tub, sit up and keep your feet up and out of the tub. For your first detox bath you should stay in for at least 20 minutes. After that, a 10 minute bath a few times a week will help to continue pulling out toxins.

Do not take detox baths if you have trouble with high blood pressure or diabetes or heart irregularities, as the change in circulation can affect each of these conditions.

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